All About Travel Photo Graphy


All About Travel Photo Graphy

All About Travel Photo Graphy

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1,295.00 1,175.00

Author: Ashok Dilwali

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Pages: 248

Year: 2023

Binding: Paperback

ISBN: 9789357437431

Language: Hindi

Publisher: National Book Trust


All About Travel Photo Graphy

Photography as a subject has two distinct aspects, i.e, the ‘craft part’ and the ‘art part’ ‘The craft part involves the technique of obtaining good and acceptable results. This used to be a significant handicap earlier, as one had to master the art or using cameras. Which was acquired after much trial and error. There were no short cuts. Today, the craft part has been simplified immensely. All that is needed is to press the shutter, and the camera takes care of the intricacies of getting good images. If this were not so, many would have been deprived of photography.

It also needs to be mentioned here that the art part remains as difficult today as it was then. Getting a pleasing image that would delight the eyes and heart of the viewer is as difficult today as it was earlier. The author begins by offering some valuable tips for taking his travel experiences and gives photographic advice about why he shot them.

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