They Remained Unknown


They Remained Unknown

They Remained Unknown

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595.00 475.00

Author: Savitry Dubey

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Pages: 268

Year: 2023

Binding: Paperback

ISBN: 9789357752763

Language: English

Publisher: Vani Prakashan


They Remained Unknown

They Remained Unknown – Krena ji came to meet me on the morning of 9th August. “I am sorry. Sister, Suresh babu was arrested early this morning in Munger. I got this information on the phone from my nephew, who is a clerk in the Post Office. “The government agencies have full information on Suresh babu’s organization and its ability to harm the British Government. They are worried that the movement may take a violent turn. But jailing our leaders has only increased the enthusiasm and determination of the youth to launch the final assault. We have to bring the government machinery to a grinding halt.” “Uproot railway lines to disrupt rail movement, cut telephone and telegraph lines to disrupt communication channels, put obstacles in every possible way to disrupt the functioning of the administration, refrain from going to work-this is the meaning of ‘Do or Die’, for the police is bound to open fire and throw thousands into jail. Ordinary people will be mercilessly beaten to spread fear among the protestors, limbs broken…the government will retaliate brutally. But we will not be afraid, we will keep moving forward.” “The form this will take will be left to local leaders based on their assessment of the situation in their respective territories. It is up to those common men who rise to the occasion and step into the shoes of the arrested leaders, to provide direction and instructions to the rank and file. This war will be fought by Indians of every social strata, of every caste and religion, this is no longer a war to be waged only by the members of the Congress Party. I will finalize my 9 point programme and start distributing pamphlets in town today. Inquilab Zindabad! British leave India! Do or Die!!!”

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